Episode 23 - Vincze and the Nine Gnomes

From Hydro to Hydra in One Day

Getting bored of setting up their country and establishing a colony, Vincze and Khrystos gather two of Keston’s men (Caspar and Trevin) and head out into the wilds to the west.

Along the banks of the Skunk River, they encounter a nixie, named Hyperia, whom they befriend and get some information about what lies up the river. She also mentions that the “veil between this region and the 6th World is very thin”. Vincze recalls that, among some people, “6th World” refers to the Faerie Realm. The nixie also cryptically mentions that her Queen, Nirissia, is “coming”…but disappears beneath the water before Khrystos or Vincze can question her further.

At a ford in the river, they encounter a feisty gnome explorer, Jubilost Narthropple, and his expedition of eight other gnomish explorers. Something spooked their mules, causing the beasts to rush off into the ford with their wagonload of supplies. Krystos takes Caspar and Trevin to unhitch the ponies, while Vincze calls to Hyperia for help, but help does not arrive. Together, the group manages to save the wagon.

Jubilost is an adventurer and cartographer, and the two groups spend the rest of the day chatting about Greenbelt geography. After Khrystos gains his trust, Narthropple lays his map out, agreeing to share all points of interest between his map and Khrystos’. Afterwards, the groups while away the remaining daylight hours by comparing cantrips—and to their great delight, the humans find that the gnomes have many interesting magicks up their sleeves.

During the night, the creature which spooked the mules comes back. Neither Vincze nor Krystos can identify the five-headed serpent; but it matters not, because the armed band of four humans and nine gnomes rapidly slay the monster. Khrystos uses a Scorching Ray spell as the coup de grace to prevent it from regenerating.

In the morning, the two groups part ways. The Greenbelt Defenders spend the rest of the day exploring the forest surrounding the ford.


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