Episode 26 - Lomindor's First Council Meeting

As the Kingdom Turns

The days leading up to the First Council Meeting of the newly formed Kingdom of Lomindor went by quickly. Baron Khrystos I, Grand Vizier Vincze, Skylgannon and Caspar finished exploring the hex [Chris] area where, last episode, they were attacked by the crazy old vagabond and his giant pet cat. (They decided to leave the cat unconscious in the woods, with a healthy supply of rations nearby, for when it woke up.) Apart from a night-time raid by a swarm of giant spiders, the heroes were in good spirits when they returned to Nettle’s Rest, the fledgling nation’s capital.

[Chris] Good spirits meaning that everyone had fought off the venom of the spiders apart from poor Vinzce, who had to ride strapped to the back of her horse all the way back to Nettle’s rest. Skylgannon saved her some face by suggesting that she be placed in front of him on his horse as they rode into town.

Upon entering the city limits, they were met by the Marshal [Chris] Warden, Janekfan, who reported that two people had been murdered in their 3-week absence: a shepherd, and a barmaid from the newly-built Lakeside Inn. The druid said that the two were violently torn apart; and, the tracks near the bodies appeared to be those of a giant wolf. Although Vincze could still hardly [Chris] couldn’t stand on account of multiple giant spider bites, the others sprang into action, calling the First Council Meeting of Lomindor (for a summary see: Kingdom Building Turn 1 – 03-Sep-2015 ).

The Council met in one of the city’s newly-built houses, escaping the bright, mid-summer sun for the better part of a day. In addition to discussing the murders, the Baron congratulated the Council for the rapid building progress. After some discussion, he ordered the building of a Trade Shop, and a system of roads, with bridges spanning stretches of both the Shrike and the Skunk Rivers (both of which run close to the capital). The good Baron also declared the annexation of the hex immediate to the northeast, where the Thorn and Shrike Rivers meet. Further, the Baron officially appointed Keston Garess‘s right-hand man, the able fighter Skylgannon, as the nation’s Warden.

Treasurer Svetlana Leveton reported that the month’s tax income was good, and that even with the new buildings and concomitant consumption of goods, Lomindor’s Treasury was in decent shape.

After hearing reports that children were approaching the Stag Lord’s fort and being chased by zombies, High Priest Jhod Kavken was called upon to “Hallow” the ground around the fort. He agreed to do so, but only if a cathedral dedicated to Erastil was built where the fort now stands. The Baron and the other Greenbelt Defenders rejected the proposal, declaring that they were already planning on building a castle on that spot. However, they promised that they would, eventually, build a cathedral for Jhod somewhere in Nettle’s Rest.

The Council continued to meet every day for the rest of the week. Their discussion mostly revolved around investigation of the murders (see the next episode, Episode 27 [Chris] “Wolf in the Fold” ). They also hammered out Lomindor’s Laws, which were posted around the Kingdom by week’s end. These laws officially declared murder (among other things) as a punishable crime.

In their spare time, the Greenbelt Defenders—with Svetlana’s and Segra Leofurbut‘s help—liquidated the treasure they’d accumulated over the past three weeks. In all, 203 gp each was awarded to Khrystos, Vincze, Jane and Skylgannon.



GrandVizier TatteredKing

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