A burly half-orc, tan with a tinge of purple and dressed in simple green clothes, plays with a small cat, somewhat oblivious to his surroundings...


Tad, a half-orc, was abandoned as an infant, as is often the case with the children of such unions. Taken in by a monastery, he was raised as a Monk following the teachings of Irori, the god of enlightenment, self-perfection, and knowledge, among other disciplines. He was generally treated with respect despite his origins, but his penchant for short-sighted and poorly-thought-out plans caused no end of frustration amongst the elders.

Growing up Tad had no lack of energy, and often liked to climb onto the buildings, up trees, and would practice his acrobatics in what was generally regarded as a wildly unsafe manner. After years of broken windows, roofs, and bones; he had developed those skills, but not really a sense of judgment on how or when to use them.

At the age of 19 the elders decided it was time for him to venture away from the monastery and try to put his energies to use. They had taught him of the apprehension he would encounter from the outside world, regarding his mixed-race features, but he was determined to make people respect him, one way or another. He would find troubled people in the world, and help them non-stop until they had no choice but to appreciate him. By force, if necessary.

This is what brought him to Oleg’s Trading Post, and to making the acquaintance of Janekfan, Khrystos, and Vincze, as well as their menagerie of animal companions. Not wanting to be left out, after first meeting, Tad determined he needed a pet of his own. Through means unfathomable, he somehow coerced a small kitten into tolerating his company. Agamemnon, or ‘Aggie’ as he’s commonly known, has displayed a few unusual traits as he has grown, but Tad asserts he’s a perfectly normal cat, just particularly affectionate, likely due to the nightly time Tad spends playing and talking with him.

In his time away from the monastery, Tad did not initially think much on the teachings of his youth. As time went on however, he recognized more and more the value of Irori’s principles, particularly those of self-perfection and developing inner strength. It was one thing to be taught these lessons by his superiors, but to independently meditate on the value of these disciplines, he is slowly fostering a new respect for the importance of Irori’s teachings and history.

Tad aspires to greatness, and the respect it commands with it. Fantasies of being a savior of the Green Belt, and having minstrels write songs of his deeds, feed into the desire to perform grands heroics the likes of which cannot be overlooked. True, they may only be mild, local heroics at the moment, but he knows that word will spread and there is time yet for greater deeds.


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