A beautiful blonde woman, dressed in a blue robe, sits at a table dealing Harrow cards. A shiny, silver rabbit with golden eyes peers out from behind her robe.


Physical Description: Young (21), blonde & blue-eyed, of average-height and weight. She dresses like the archetypal “gypsy fortune-teller”, appearing in handkerchief dresses, chunky high-heeled boots, lots of beads, silver earrings (acquired from the Greenbelt bandit Kressle), and of course, a decorative shawl. (Think of a young Stevie Nicks in hippie clothes). Her signature colors are blue and silver. Her rabbit familiar, Trixie, was originally a snow-white, short-haired rabbit with blue eyes. Trixie has now been magically transformed into a Celestial Rabbit with shiny, silvery-metallic fur and glowing golden eyes. Vincze’s highest ability score is intelligence, followed by dexterity and charisma. Her initiative bonus is high due to a combination of her improved initiative feat, her diviner’s “Forewarned” supernatural ability, a bonus given to her by her familiar, and of course her high dexterity.

Personality: Strong and optimistic. Her mother always taught her that the future is something to look forward to—and that a bright destiny awaits her. Unlike some soothsayers and oracles, she is rarely haunted by nightmare visions or dark dreams of the future. Even though the events of her 21st year (see below) can be counted as her “darkest hour”, Vincze tries not to look back, and her heart isn’t filled with revenge for her mother’s killer.. Instead, she is focusing her energies on building a new kingdom with her friends in the Greenbelt.

She spends a good part of her free time reading books ; experimenting with divination techniques; and otherwise honing her spellcraft. If she has one fault, it is that she is too optimistic (sometimes appearing naïve, spacy or affected); she also sometimes, perhaps, relies on her own predictions and visions too much, and insists that others do the same (“but the spirits are telling us to do this! It’s written in the stars!”). But she is generally kind-hearted and generous, and tries her best to help her friends and allies actualize their potentialities. Her personal mission is to help others achieve their bright destiny. [Alignment: Neutral Good]

Religious affiliation: Vincze is a devotee and lay priest of Desna, the goddess of dreams, fate, travelers and the stars.

Past interactions with other PCs: The resourceful, kind, elven druid Janekfan helped her adjust to life in the wilderness when she first settled in the wild, teaching her skills to help her survive (e.g. Knowledge Nature).


Many years ago in a kingdom by the sea, King Thaddeus III ruled with great wisdom and a gentle but firm hand. The King kept a cabinet of close advisors and courtiers, among whom was VINCZE THE ELDER (aka VINCZE MAJOR), my character’s mother. Vincze The Elder was a powerful oracle (human wizard, divination specialization) whom the King consulted regularly. She lived, like most of the court, very comfortably in a set of beautifully appointed palace chambers, with her lovely daughter, VINCZE THE YOUNGER (aka VINCZE MINOR, my character).

When Vincze The Elder turned 40, King Thaddeus III died at sea. When news of his death reached the Kingdom, his eldest son (Thaddeus) was poised to take the throne—but was prevented from doing so by his younger brother, Prince Jermyn, who assassinated him. This Prince—now crowned King—was a trouble-maker with an evil heart who hated his father, Thaddeus III. Under King Jermyn, the Kingdom quickly plunged into a dark period of high taxes, a growing class of poor citizens, a lack of infrastructure and squabbles with neighboring kingdoms. King Jermyn endeavored to bend his cabinet (which was comprised of many of his father’s advisors, including Vincze The Elder) to his will. In some cases, he succeeded—but most of the cabinet resisted his direction. They did not like King Jermyn. The King often went to Vincze The Elder demanding information about his many enemies—and he asked her predictions for the future. When she resisted his demands to scry for information—and especially, when she shared her ominous visions for the future of the Kingdom now under his rule—he eventually had her locked up, together with many of his other advisors and courtiers. She was, after a few months’ torture, put to death, with other members of the cabinet, in a public execution.

In the minutes leading up to her execution, Vincze The Elder—looking like a woman possessed—prophesied with great convinction, at the top of her lungs. She shouted dire visions of the Kingdom under King Jermyn’s leadership, and urged onlookers to rise up against him. The death of Vincze The Elder—who was much-loved by the King’s subjects—sent a shockwave through the Kingdom. Chaos ensued; there were riots within the walled city surrounding the palace. Just before the rioting reached a fever-pitch, Vincze The Younger received a powerful vision (the most powerful vision she’s ever received): her mother, standing in her mind’s eye, instructed her to gather her things and make ready to flee the city. Her mother told her that to wait for a certain sergeant-at-arms, who was loyal to King Thaddeus III. This brave man was to lead her out of the walled city. Vincze The Younger waited, and within a few minutes, the brave sergeant appeared, and led her out, through the smoke and the fire, into the wilderness, under cover of darkness. She, together with her familiar Trixie (a rabbit), were led on a convoluted path over many days and nights, until they finally reached safety.

All of the events described above occurred just about one year before the beginning of our campaign. Vincze and Trixie moved to a small cave, not far from Oleg’s Trading Post. It was at Oleg’s Trading post that she met the other PC’s, as she told fortunes at her fortune-telling stall.


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