Episode 10 - Many Happy Returns

Taking their leave of the Sootscales, the Greenbelt Defenders head northwest, back to the gold mine. As evening approaches, they see smoke on the other side of the outcropping where the mine lay. Approaching stealthily at first, they call out, to no response. Rounding the outcropping, they find the smoker torn open and the elk meat taken. Jane and Vincze determine that there were a group of men here, more than a day ago, and Vinzce finds a silver stag amulet pressed into the mud of a bootprint.

The group spends the night in the mine. Nothing happens.

It takes the better part of a day to get back to Oleg’s. Oleg is out in the field, working on clearing the land for a field. Keston and his men have given up on building the bunkhouse, and have set their tents up outside the stockade. They patrol the walls and watch for trouble. Inside, a grizzled man with a mangled arm tacks a notice up on the wall outside the stable. Svetlana Leveton speaks with a distinctively-dressed man [Vincze: whom Vincze recognizes is dressed] in the livery of Brevoy, while Cass enters the bunkhouse with a stoneware basin in his hands and some clean cloth draped over his arm.

Krystos goes to speak with Oleg, returning Svetlana’s ring. Overjoyed, Oleg hugs the sorcerer and offers 1000gp in credit, promising a celebratory feast that evening. He and Krystos head into the post.

Inside, Svetlana spies the basket of moon radishes in Jane’s arms. She introduces Jane and Vincze to Rada Pendulfsen, an emissary from The Swordlords of Brevoy. Rada presents Vincze with a reward for taking care of the bandits in the Greenbelt, while Svetlana has Jane help her inside. Svetlana promises a feast to celebrate their return and to regale the emissary with their tales.

Returning with Oleg, Krystos speaks to the grizzled man with the mangled arm, inquiring about the bounty poster. The man, a hunter by name of Vekkel Benzen tells the sorcerer the tale of a boar named Tuskgutter Quest Log. Something of a legend among the hunters and trappers of the area, the boar was responsible for mangling Vekkel’s arm. With little use for his finely-crafted bow, the hunter is putting it and a quiver of magical arrows as a reward for the creature’s head. He also promises some of the head cheese he plans to make.

Jane steps into the bunkhouse to check on Cass. She finds the ex-bandit and Jhod tending to a man. Jhod explains the man got caught in a bear trap in the woods. He managed to escape from it, but passed out from the infection and pain. Fortunately, a couple hunters brought him in. Jhod had to amputate the man’s leg, but with prayers to Erastil, and the healing ministrations of the two, the man will recover. Half-legged Tottes

At the evening’s feast, Svetlana brings out the soup, which causes Oleg to beam, and kneel down before her with the ring. There is a celebration of their love. Following that, Rada thanks the group for their service against the bandits, and promises a larger reward if the kobold menace stays under control. He also brings out a bounty poster. Stag Lord, Wanted Dead or Alive! Offering a substantial reward for his capture or slaying. Quest Log [Vincze: Recognizing Rada’s power and position, Vincze spends no small amount of time chatting him up, even telling his fortune (gratis)].

Oleg, swept up in the moment, jumps on the table and begins singing a rousing song about the silly antics of a drunk Tatzlwurm. After the song, he announces he thinks it a great idea if there were a tatzlewurm head to mount above the door to the trading post, and offers a reward for it. Quest Log

Night passes.

The next day, Vincze and Jane spend the day writing [Vincze: …scribing scrolls, to better prepare ourselves for our next big adventure. Vincze scribes a total of 4 scrolls, while Jane scribes 6]. Krystos spends some time talking to a group of trappers that stop by in the morning. He learns a couple things:

  1. Tuskgutter tore two of the trappers apart just a couple days ago southwest of the Thorn River Camp…what is now called Epitaph
  2. the trappers fled north and camped near a cliff with a carving of a stag

Another night passes. The next morning, Jane, Krystos and Tad wake to find Vincze gone with a note from her stating, the stars told me I have to go fishing . They leave word with Oleg that they are heading for the radish patch and plan on camping there for the evening.

They reach the radish patch and settle in. Jane wants to befriend an elk. Her tracking senses tell her the elk have been here, that they like the radish greens. And so they wait.

While they wait, Vincze makes her way to an area away from Oleg’s where she can perform the ritual she designed [Vincze: Actually, it was taught to me by my late mother, Vincze The Elder] to empower Trixie. The ritual takes hours, and after the ritual, she looks up to see herself surrounded by kobolds [Vincze: with green scales]. Kobolds that want to eat her and Trixie.

She bolts and makes it to her horse. As she rides away, two arrows catch her in her neck and chest, almost laying her low.

Meanwhile, night falls at the radish patch. As they watch, Jane spies an elk stepping into the clearing. It scents the air and steps forward, leaning down to nibble the greens.

Just then, the elk startles and bolts into the woods as Vincze, dressed in a very bloodstained dress, comes careening out of the darkness, calling for help. Once the others calm her down, and remove the arrows from her, they realize she is almost on death’s door. But they also realize that Trixie is glowing with a faint luminescence….and looks silvery….with gold eyes. [Vincze: Vincze explains to the rest of the party that she disappeared to perform a magical ritual, taught to her by her late mother, to infuse Trixie with celestial energy… transforming her into a Celestial Rabbit].

The Defenders camp the night in the radish patch, and in the morning, Jane seduces an elk buck. [Vincze: Tad places a crown of branches lopsidedly on its antlers, and Jane names him Yakul (Elke for short). She announces that she plans to eventually have him as her mount.]

4 days

Episode Nine - How the Mitey Have Fallen

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Jane finds herself, curiously, not dead. She is in a world of hurt and her healing knowledge tells her that any strenuous activity could send her into unconsciousness. She surveys the scene.

Vincze thrusts a vial into Skyduster’s talons and rushes behind the table, grabbing the ivory, bloodstained idol as she does. Raising it above her head and threatening to break it as the tick-riding mite bears down on her seems ineffective, as the mite breaks out in [Vincze: creepy, ] tittering laughter. [Vincze: Skyduster then flies to Jane, giving her the healing potion, and she downs it quickly, lying low not to attract attention. Then, Skyduster fearlessly rushes to Vincze’s aid, grappling Grabbles, yanking him from the Tickleback’s back, and tossing him into the nearby pit—where he falls to his death. That’s some owl! He saved both of these ladies’ lives!]

And then the kobolds arrive. Between them, and the artillery from Vinzce and Jane, and the machinations of a summoned mite yanking on the tick’s antennae, the monstrosity goes down.

After figuring out who the kobolds are, the group decides to rest. The kobolds, the same group from the Sootscale Tribe they had encountered at the radish patch, are extremely happy for their help. Ting Tang, Bing Bang, and Padwack ask them to return with them to the Sootscale Lair to talk with their shaman, Tartuk. The draconic gnomes, also manage to scavenge two jugs of healing draught that is sufficient to bring everyone conscious.

Among the mite’s collected ‘treasure’, the Greenbelt Defenders find an ivory statue of a wingled demonic figure [Vincze: Actually it was in my backpack; they caught me trying to hide it among the mite’s treasure. Oops]. The kobolds claim it is their god, Old Sharptooth, and that their shaman will reward them for its return. There is also a sack with some small spears of kobold make, and some coinage. They also find reference to spoils of war that the kobolds have claimed from the mites. ’Lots of coins", “magic dust”, and “shiny human ring” are among the reported stolen items.

Heading back to the Sootscale’s lair, the group is brought before Tartuk, a purple-scaled kobold with a raven on a stick. The raven prophesies that the humans must be sacrificed to appease Sharptooth. After a brief interchange, a fight ensues, with the majority of the kobolds on the side of the Defenders. Shortly after, the shaman lies dead and Chief Sootscale offers the Defenders Tartuk’s belongings, which include a magical wand, a masterwork cold iron sickle, magical bracers, a journal, a bag of treasure from the mites, including many coins, a brass ring set with a single pearl with the inscription “to my beloved Svetlana”, and a bag of multicolored dust. Chief Sootscale also rewards them, for their efforts in removing the mite menace, a large basket of moon radishes.

If you go straight back to Oleg’s it will take 2 days travel.

Quests Completed – Svetlana’s Wedding Ring, Moon Radish Soup, Kobolds, Destroy the Mites, Sacred Statue

xp 3365
3 days

Episode Eight - The Mitey Mitey Boss Tones
[Vincze:AKA A Whole Lotta Trouble]

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Finally getting the group together, they free the kobold, a Sootscale Kobold named Mikmek. Eager to take the fight to the mites, the kobold approaches the cavern, but the monk warns him of caution. Vincze approaches the chasm with lighted dagger in hand. Peering down, she makes out the bulk of the million-legged, chitinous beast that lairs below. She realizes what it is, and then it starts to heave its bulk up through the chasm.

And Tad jumps in. Seeing the monk land on the beasts back, Mikmek and Toboe to jump into the chasm. Toboe manages to land on the creature and take a bite, but cannot find purchase and tumbles to the ground, taking a grievous wound as the insectile monstrosity gouges the wolf with it’s mandibles.

In no short order, the centipede collapses, but Toboe and Mikmek are unconscious, but stable, and Jane, Krystos, and Tad are at the bottom of the chasm.

Vincze is down to [Vincze: one first-level spell, Detect Secret Doors] and cantrips. Krystos has a couple first-level spells left.

And then the mites start descending the shaft on the opposite side of the chasm. In short order, six of the blue menaces lay dead, and the group peers up the shaft at the mites above. At a command, the mites pull back from the edge.

And the group climbs up. Harried by poisoned darts and sharp butter knives, they make the edge. Tad starts to pull the mites down, as the rest of the group tries to take the edge.

And then the insectoid creature, with the mite riding on it makes an appearance from the shaft leading up. Still they fight. Tad rushes forward to meet Grabbles and Tickleback, only to be nearly sliced in twain by the giant tick’s vorpal mandibles.

Still they fight and Tickleback nearly severs Jane’s arm, sending her collapsing to the ground in a shower of gore.

Krystos [Vincze: injures Grabbles using his wand of burning hands, which promptly implodes as its last charge is used up.] Then he and Vincze pull back away from the creature as it circles the pit trying to get to them.

…to be continued…

Episode Seven - Of Mites and Men
or They Mite be Giants

The Greenbelt Protectors leave Oleg’s for the gold mine. The trip there takes the better pard of a day, which passes uneventfully. Evening and morning comes, with nary a sign of life. In the morning, Krystos discovers the tracks of four elk.

…evening and morning, the first day…

While Jane and Krystos head off to track and hunt the elk, Tad and Vincze set to working the gold seam. They soon find it to be long, arduous work, and, not sure of that is gold ore and what is mundane rock, the two load all they can into a sack. This amounts to about 50 pounds of rock.

Jane and Krystos’s efforts are productive and Team Nature brings down a young elk. With proper butchering and curing, Jane things the meat could feed the group for 5 days, along with a properly cured elk hide. If only they had the proper facility for curing hides. Jane makes due and has the men build a frame to stretch it on, and they pee on it for good measure.

…evening and morning, the second day…

The next day, Jane enlists the aid of her companions to build a makeshift smoking oven. It takes the better part of the day, but Jane is sure after several days, the meat will be ready to eat.

…evening and morning, the third day…

Another night passes and the group decides to set out to explore to the southeast. As evening approaches, they spy an ancient tree on a craggy hill. They approach cautiously, seeing no sign of life. Soon enough they realize it is a sycamore, and most likely, the very same sycamore the mites live under.

A quick search of the base of the tree reveals a root lined hole descending into the earth. Tad and Krystos descend into the hole while Jane attempts to hide Toboe’s saddlebags. Once down, Tad calls up to the others that there is something moving in the darkness.

And the moving something moves closer. From out of the darkness, down one of the passages, emerge three unusually large centipedes. From the other side, something small strikes Krystos’s head.

Vincze begins to climb down into the hole as Jane begins to tie a makeshift harness around Toboe. Tad sets to the insectile monstrosities as Krystos turns, as a small blue creature with an immense head emerges from over the edge of an earthen cliff. Something small spins out of the darkness, striking the sorcerer square between the eyes.

Vincze reaches the color of the shaft as the centipedes surge forward, gnashing at Tad and Vincze. Jane furiously tries to lower Toboe down. Krystos unleashes a bolt of mystical power at the mite, sending it plummeting over the edge of the precipice.

Tad, Trixie and Vincze finish off the centipedes (Trixie achieving her first ‘kill’ in this campaign!) as Toboe hits the ground and moves toward the edge where the mite disappeared. Jane begins to climb down as Vincze moves down the opposite passage into a chamber, illuminating it with her glowing dagger. Krystos moves toward the edge, illuminating the area with four blue glowing orbs (“Dancing Lights”).

Vincze finds herself in a large chamber crisscrossed with shallow trenches filled with trickling streams of foul effluvia. Mounds of earth and manure squat amidst the trenches, bearing hundreds of small spherical eggs. A pit on the edge of her light descends into the darkness. From below comes the sound of voices raised in an unknown language. And from below, the sounds of creatures approach.the sound of many creatures.

Krystos looks down into a small chamber littered with low tables, blocks of wood, rusty blades, collections of sharps and pointies, cogs and sprockets. Another of the minuscule mites stands behind one of the tables, with a clockwork contraption of wood, bone and metal. From the contraption flies yet another sharp shard of metal, striking the sorcerer in the cheek.

After Toboe, Tad and Krystos take out the solitary mite, Skyduster investigates another hole in the ground. Krystos senses the owl’s confusion as it flies down into the hole. In another cavern, Vincze approaches the other pit, attempting to determine what exactly is about to emerge. As Tad pushes deeper into the shaft after Skyduster, he sees movement from below, three more mites, and another small creature tied to the wall, calling out in a language he cannot understand. While he doesn’t understand the words, he gets the meaning. The kobold is calling out for his aid. Tad calls back “Someone here needs help!” Skyduster and Tad start attacking the mites, and Krystos attempts to jump down the hole, hoping his vestigial wings will break his fall. They don’t. Krystos takes a lot of damage from the fall, but rises unsteadily. He then eagerly joins the fray, but after just two rounds of combat, as injured as he was from his fall, he is knocked unconscious. Tad bravely drives off the remaining three mites, who escape through an adjoining cavern by swinging on “vines” which are actually dangling sycamore roots.

Meanwhile, Jane yells Tad’s message to Vincze, who wisely backs away from the pit, and the imminent noises emanating from the darkness. She draws a glob of lard and tosses a Grease spell at the pit. As she backs away, an extremely large insectile creature heaves its chitinous bulk out of the greasy hole. And on it’s back, rides a particularly fugly mite, with a particularly eerie hat made of fingerbones. With that, the diviner turns and runs, while Jane centers an Entangle spell on the monstrous insect, causing the very roots of the sycamore to entangle the creatures who sought shelter beneath its boughs.

XP 350
3 days

Episode Six - Rock the Cashbox

As the group is settling into Oleg’s Trading Post for the evening, a group of four trappers come in, bearing several pelts which they negotiate to sell to Oleg. They also ask for shelter for the evening, which they are granted, for a small fee.

…evening and morning, the first day…

In the morning, the group is awoken by Sveltana calling out that they stole the cashbox. A quick check shows they also stole four of the six horses. Taking the two remaining horses, the group follows the easily followed trail to the edge of the forest. Leaving the two horses at the edge of the forest, they enter. The trail is not difficult to follow until evening, when Jane loses the trail in the dark. Tad attempts to follow it with the benefit of his racial vision, but only gets a couple more hours in.

…evening and morning, the second day…

The group rests for a few hours and attempts to pick up the trail in the early morning. As dawn breaks, they tick up the trail, and come upon the bandits around a camp fire, nursing their hangovers. Despite the group’s terrible stealth, they manage to sneak closer, but one of the bandit’s hears Jane in the underbrush.

A half a minute and the group of bandits is down; three are dead and one captive. The man, named Cass, reveals that they also work for the Stag Lord, and that he is encamped on the shores of Lake Tuskwater to the south. He promises anything if they would just spare his life.

Returning to Oleg’s with Cass and hand him over to Jhod to try and guide his repentance. Oleg and Svetlana are ecstatic over their triumph and reward them with a wonderful home cooked meal.

…evening and morning, the third day…

XP: 150
3 days

Episode Five - Tricks and Treats
A Faerie Tale

Just as Toboe and the troll fell over the edge, Vincze arrived on the scene with much whining. Krystos, threw off his cloak, revealing a pair of stunted, insect-like wings, and lept over the cliff. The sorcerer grabbed the wolf in mid-air, and, slowed by the fairy wings, landed in the water. The troll stood up, looked around and saw the wolf, bounding from rock to rock down the river, and took off after the lupine. While the creature was distracted, Krystos used the time to climb to safety on rope Jane had lowered for him.

…evening and morning, the first day…

The night passed. Jane barely slept for fear of Toboe’s imminent demise. When dawn broke, the group woke to find the lupine curled up behind Vincze, who had been on watch.

Moving off into the forest, the group decided to explore a little before returning to Oleg’s. Their rations were depleted and they were in need of rest. The first evening in the woods, as the group got ready to camp, Tad’s pants fell down to the ground. Jane, observant as ever, noticed a small reptile with butterfly wings, dart into the underbrush.

…evening and morning, the second day…

Over the next couple days, the group was plagued by the mischevious machinations of the unseen adversary(adversaries?). Finally realizing, their tricksters were most likely fae, they decided to try and offer them gifts, but they were too stingy with their offerings, and the pranks continued, with the final morning arriving, bringing them to the realization that all the stiching had been removed from their clothing, leaving them with piles of cloth, and thread neatly wound around twigs.

..and two more days…

And so, they rode into Oleg’s naked. After 12 days, the tradesman had returned from Restov, bearing more supplies, including 5 chickens, 2 goats and an ox. Keston and his men had made some headway on their bunkhouse, while Svetlana worked on the garden.

When the group arrived, Tad agreed to tend to the garden if Svetlana would sew his clothing back together. Vincze used her magic to re-assemble her clothing, and Jane and Krystos put needle to thread to put their gear right.

After spending some time re-supplying, the group decided it was time to head back to the gold mine and see about some mining.

Experience: 500xp
4 days

Episode Four
Hermits, Gold Mines, and Rickety Bridges

Returning to Oleg’s, the group finds that Oleg still has not returned from Restov. It has only been seven days, so he is not late. Keston Garess and his men have been busy, Clearing land outside of the palisade for a bunkhouse for his men, as well as another plot for a garden for Svetlana. They also meet Jhod Kavken, a priest of Erastil, who states he has come here to start anew. Jhod seems reticent to talk about his past with the strangers. He does seem to be more open to talking to Krystos than to Jane or Tad.

…evening and morning, the first day…

Night passes and the group decides to go see about the hermit to the southeast. Svetlana gives them some information, that he lives in a sod hut, brews potions, and is pretty eccentric. Vincze announces that she will be staying behind! Stating something in the cards has given her pause.

Jane, Tad and Krystos head to the southeast, seeking the hermit, Bokken. After a day of searching, they come upon the sod hut, with the man outside stirring something in a cauldron. They approach, and after much talk, discover he is Bokken, and that he can brew and sell potions for a fee. He uses fang berries in all his potions, and if the group can get him some, he would be willing to offer a discount on his potions. He says there is a thicket to the southwest, on the other side of the Thorn River. (See Quest Log)

…evening and morning, the second day…

The group head south. After two days of searching, they come upon a lightning-struck oak tree, in the shape of a hand. Sending Toboe forth, the wolf soon uncovers a cache, wrapped in an old leather cloak. The cache contains a dagger, a wand (which Jane identifies as a wand of burning hands, useable only by Krystos or Vincze, or one traned in Use Magic Device.), a silver ring (which does not bear the inscription Oleg mentioned was on Svetlana’s ring) and a leather and brass bound book, which Krystos announces is a spellbook (useable only by Vincze or another wizard.)

Spending another two dayssearching to the west is profitable as they find a cleft under a particularly rocky outcropping. After exploring the cleft, the group discovers a vein of gold ore, which, with the proper tools, could supply a steady stream of income.

The fifth day out, they move further to the southwest. About midday, they come upon a river gorge crossed by a rickety wood and rope bridge. The waters are 30 feet below the bridge, and the other cliff is twenty feet away. As they ponder the bridge, They are greeted by a large humanoid creature, seemingly made of rock and earth, which rises from behind a nearby boulder. Throwing caution tho the wind, Tad rushes in, leaps upon the rock before it and dives at the creature, attempting to grab it and subdue it, only to land flat on his face, Skyduster flies in as a distraction only to get swatted to the ground. While Jane and Krystos shoot arrows and arcane bolts at the creature, it turns to Tad and expresses it’s displeasure on him.

While Tad quietly bleeds on the ground, the behemoth moves toward Jane. The druid and her companion gang up on the creature. In a display of savage wrath, Toboe launches himself at the monster, while Jane crouches low behind it’s knees. Surprised by the leaping wolf, the creature stumbles backwards, trips over Jane, and tumbles over the edge of the precipice. Toboe, with nothing to stop his momentum, also disappears below the cliff’s edge.

Experience: 300xp
5 days

Episode Three - Exploration

After interrogating the prisoners, Tad agreed to take them back to Oleg’s. They had learned some valuable information. The bandits were quartered to the south on the shores of the Tuskwater, a lake. Their numbers were unknown, as they operated in splinter cells, with groups going out for weeks before returning. It was hard to tell how many would be there at any given time. They used a passphrase to recognize friend from foe. When the watch noticed anyone approaching, they would call out, asking who approached. Those approaching would reply “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmorg, who want’s to know?”

Their leader, the Stag Lord, was a drunk and most likely crazy. His mental state had been going downhill over the past months. He keeps a strange, scary old man locked up in the cellar who some of the bandits think may actually be using the Stag Lord as a puppet.

After Tad left and went back to Oleg’s, Jane, Krystos and Vincze decided to do some exploring. They spent some time in the woods and decided to head back and see if they could find this hermit that lived nearby Oleg’s. On their way, they were surprised by a giant trapdoor spider, who took a fancy to Vincze’s boob. After slaying it, they found bandit bodies in the lair, complete with silver stag amulet and a treasure map.

400xp. Level up.
5 days

Episode Two - A Detour to Radishes
Kobolds, and Bandits, and Bears! Oh my!

To be fleshed out later

  • Keston Garess arrives with four other men, sent from Brevoy to help guard the trading post.
  • Oleg Leveton agrees to take the captive bandits back to Brevoy to see them put to justice.
  • Before he leaves, Oleg pulls one of the group aside and asks them to keep a eye out for Svetlana’s ring, which the bandits had taken several months ago. See Quest Log
  • Svetlana Levetoncorners Tad and asks if they could bring back a basket of moon radishes, so she can make Oleg’s favorite meal, moon radish soup. See Quest Log
  • The group heads out to the southwest to see about finding radishes and hunting bandits.
  • fint the radish patch, but the patch is picked clean by a group of kobolds. Make a deal with the kobolds. In exchange for a basket of radishes, they will get the mites under the old sycamore to stop their raiding. See Quest Log
  • A bear wanders upon them in the night and Jane Talks the bear out of making them dinner
  • find bandits, and actually survive. One bandit dies and two escape. Two get captured, one of which is Content Not Found: Kessel, the scary woman with the hand axes.

Experience Gained: 700
Three Days

Episode One - What Happened at Oleg's
In which our heroes meet and uncoverthe blackmail plot

Oleg’s Trading Post is 5 days from the city of Restov. Run by Oleg Leveton and his wife, Svetlana, the trading post provides a stopping off point for trappers in the Greenbelt. It is a simple fortlike structure comprised of Oleg’s home, a four bed bunkhouse for guests and a stables. The entirity is surrounded by a stockade wall of sharpened wooden stakes. At each corner stands a watch tower, where a ballista is mounted. However, through disuse, the siege weapons have fallen into disrepair.

Evening finds Oleg and Svetlana greeting a group of travellers. Vincze, a Taldan woman with a blue to hat, sits at the outdoor table, laying out a Harrowing. Tad, a strapping half-orc lad in common clothes, with frearms and calves wrapped with linen wraps. and Jane, a rugged trailblazer, with her white wolf, Toboe at her side. The group stands around the fire making smalltalk with Oleg as Svetlana busies herself cooking. As the sin touches the horizon, a stranger wanders in. The man, in green and brown clothing, bears the mark of the fey-touched about him.

As the group gathers for dinner, Oleg glances nervously at Svetlana. The group detects something amiss and inquires. Oleg refuses to speak of it, but Svetlana begs them for help. She explains that five months ago the bandits came, demanding tall the trade goods or they would burn down the post. With no one to turn to, the Leveton’s gave them what they demanded. For the past three months, the bandits came at sunrise on the first day of the month. And tomorrow is the first day of the month.

Ambushing the bandits, the party takes all four hostage. Their leader, a man in a hood, with a severely scarred face by the name of Happs Bydon, tells them that their camp is one full day’s ride southwest, at a ford on the Thorn River.


  • Vincze hiding on the roof of the bunkhouse attempting to shoot the bandits without falling off.
  • Tad, disguised In a woman’s cloak dipped in the cesspit, hobbling up to the bandits, asking “Are you here for the prunes and ointment as well?”
  • Jane tackling Happs off his horse into the cesspit.
  • Krystos skewering the bandit leader in the stomach with his spear.

Experience: 200xp


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