Episode Two - A Detour to Radishes
Kobolds, and Bandits, and Bears! Oh my!

To be fleshed out later

  • Keston Garess arrives with four other men, sent from Brevoy to help guard the trading post.
  • Oleg Leveton agrees to take the captive bandits back to Brevoy to see them put to justice.
  • Before he leaves, Oleg pulls one of the group aside and asks them to keep a eye out for Svetlana’s ring, which the bandits had taken several months ago. See Quest Log
  • Svetlana Levetoncorners Tad and asks if they could bring back a basket of moon radishes, so she can make Oleg’s favorite meal, moon radish soup. See Quest Log
  • The group heads out to the southwest to see about finding radishes and hunting bandits.
  • fint the radish patch, but the patch is picked clean by a group of kobolds. Make a deal with the kobolds. In exchange for a basket of radishes, they will get the mites under the old sycamore to stop their raiding. See Quest Log
  • A bear wanders upon them in the night and Jane Talks the bear out of making them dinner
  • find bandits, and actually survive. One bandit dies and two escape. Two get captured, one of which is Content Not Found: Kessel, the scary woman with the hand axes.

Experience Gained: 700
Three Days

Episode One - What Happened at Oleg's
In which our heroes meet and uncoverthe blackmail plot

Oleg’s Trading Post is 5 days from the city of Restov. Run by Oleg Leveton and his wife, Svetlana, the trading post provides a stopping off point for trappers in the Greenbelt. It is a simple fortlike structure comprised of Oleg’s home, a four bed bunkhouse for guests and a stables. The entirity is surrounded by a stockade wall of sharpened wooden stakes. At each corner stands a watch tower, where a ballista is mounted. However, through disuse, the siege weapons have fallen into disrepair.

Evening finds Oleg and Svetlana greeting a group of travellers. Vincze, a Taldan woman with a blue to hat, sits at the outdoor table, laying out a Harrowing. Tad, a strapping half-orc lad in common clothes, with frearms and calves wrapped with linen wraps. and Jane, a rugged trailblazer, with her white wolf, Toboe at her side. The group stands around the fire making smalltalk with Oleg as Svetlana busies herself cooking. As the sin touches the horizon, a stranger wanders in. The man, in green and brown clothing, bears the mark of the fey-touched about him.

As the group gathers for dinner, Oleg glances nervously at Svetlana. The group detects something amiss and inquires. Oleg refuses to speak of it, but Svetlana begs them for help. She explains that five months ago the bandits came, demanding tall the trade goods or they would burn down the post. With no one to turn to, the Leveton’s gave them what they demanded. For the past three months, the bandits came at sunrise on the first day of the month. And tomorrow is the first day of the month.

Ambushing the bandits, the party takes all four hostage. Their leader, a man in a hood, with a severely scarred face by the name of Happs Bydon, tells them that their camp is one full day’s ride southwest, at a ford on the Thorn River.


  • Vincze hiding on the roof of the bunkhouse attempting to shoot the bandits without falling off.
  • Tad, disguised In a woman’s cloak dipped in the cesspit, hobbling up to the bandits, asking “Are you here for the prunes and ointment as well?”
  • Jane tackling Happs off his horse into the cesspit.
  • Krystos skewering the bandit leader in the stomach with his spear.

Experience: 200xp

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