Greenbelt Defenders

Originally, they were a small party of mavericks and mercenaries dedicated to exploring the Greenbelt, and promoting peace and goodwill within its borders.

Most recently, they were proclaimed heroes by their benefactors in Restov and granted a charter to rule a brand-new Greenbelt nation. This fledgeling country, Lomindor (elvish for “Land of Echoes”), was begun with the founding of a capitol city, Nettle’s Rest, on the site of the former Stag Lord’s fort.

Its members currently include (their official titles are given in bold):

Agamemnon : a chaotic good outsider (Azata) in the form of a kitten; pet of Tad. He bears a star-shaped patch of white fur on his chest, and has glowing, rainbow-like eyes. Spymaster
Jakul : Jane’s elk mount, nicknamed “Elke”.
Jane : female elven druid, raised by humans—and after that, sasquatch—in the far North. Loves cake. Watcher (Marshal)
Krystos : male half-human, half-fey sorcerer with vestigial, dragonfly-like wings—the last of his nomadic Greenbelt tribe. He was mysteriously, inexplicably saved when his tribe was slaughtered by ruthless Greenbelt Bandits. Baron (Ruler)
Skyduster : Krystos’ shrewd owl familiar. He has a knack for saving the day, and has killed more enemies than you might expect.
Skylgannon: male human fighter from Restov. General Garess’ debonair, reliable right-hand man. Warden
Tad : male half-orc monk. Abandoned at birth, he grew up in a monastery not far from Oleg’s Training Post. He left the monastery at age 19 to make a name for himself, and to attempt to gain acceptance in the world-at-large. Despite his lawful alignment, he is something of a wildcard. Plentipotentiary (Councilor)
Toboe : Jane’s faithful wolf animal companion. Next to Skylgannon and Tad, he is the Defenders’ most powerful tank.
Trixie : Vincze’s trusty rabbit familiar. She was transformed into a Celestial Rabbit by Vincze, using a ritual she learned from her late mother.
Vincze : female human wizard (diviner). Daughter of the famous oracle Vincze The Elder, she was raised in the luxury of a royal court in Taldor until a regime change forced her to flee following her mother’s grisly execution. Grand Vizier (Magister)

Greenbelt Defenders

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