Vincze's Visions

Visions, as beautiful as they are cryptic, often overcome Vincze, the party’s resident diviner. She invites these visions through mystical rituals; hallucinogenic potions; meditation; and sleep. Are they truly magical? Or just the product of an over-active imagination or some strange brew?…

Vincze has had many visions in her short life, but the following stand out with regards to the Kingmaker campaign:

Vision 9
Towards the end of Episode 25- Introducing Skylgannon, Vincze has a colorful dream full of symbols and strange beings! She sees Crazy Old Bokken transform into a haggard old man in rags, right before her eyes… Followed by a hut on a shore, with smoke rising from inside and a bell hanging on a fence… Images of a cackling Jack-O’Lantern and a green witch, float before her eyes… & finally, she sees an inferno raging back home in the fledgeling Kingdom of Lomindor: farms on fire!

She wakes with a start as Skylgannon blows his whistle. Could the green witch in her dream be the Fey Queen Narissa? She wonders…

Vision 1
Just before her mother, Vincze The Elder, was executed for treason, Vincze The Younger received the most powerful vision of her short life: her mother, standing in her mind’s eye, instructing her to gather her things and make ready to flee their great city-by-the-sea. Her mother told her that to wait for a certain sergeant-at-arms. This brave man was to lead her out of the walled city. Vincze The Younger waited, and within a few minutes, the brave sergeant appeared, and led her out, through the smoke and the fire, into the wilderness, under cover of darkness. She, together with Trixie, were led on a convoluted path over many days and nights, until they finally reached safety, not far from Oleg’s Trading Post.

Vision 2
The night before Vincze was to meet the other members of the party, she dreamt of encountering a wolf, a green man, and a warrior. The very next day, while telling fortunes for merchants and visitors at Oleg’s Trading Post, she ran into Jane, the strong elven druid who had taught her the ways of the forest soon after she’d arrived there a year ago; clearly, the wolf in her dream represented Jane (who kept a wolf animal companion). Then, she met Tad, a strong, half-orc monk from a nearby temple. The warrior in her dream must have been he! Finally, she was introduced to Krystos, a strange fey-like man with a beard—strongly resembling the green figure in last night’s dream.

Vision 3
On the evening of the day when the party started smoking the elk carcass, Vincze performed a few simple divination rituals that her late mother, Vincze The Elder, taught her. That night, she experienced a strong premonition filled with symbolism. She dreamt of a candle in the dark. Around that candle flew four moths, all of them drawn to the fire. The darkness grew and threatened to overcome them, yet not one of them waivered. They hovered faithfully as the wind howled around them and nearly extinguished the light. Finally, the light went out… But then something happened: the moths metamorphosed into fireflies! & ventured off into the forest, together, sharing their light with everyone they met.
It was obvious to Vincze that these moths represented herself and her three compatriots, Tad, Krystos and Jane]]. And the candle’s flame symbolized Hope… Hope for a more lawful existence and a gentler future, for the Greenbelt and its denizens. The party’s Destiny, in Vincze’s interpretation, is to bring the light of Hope to everyone they encounter… and to turn the tide of Evil that is growing in the Greenbelt, that is beginning to take on a life of its own.

Vision 4
During Episode 10, during the evening celebration at Oleg’s Trading Post, Vincze took Content Not Found: rada_’s hand and told his fortune. A clairvoyant moment happened where Vincze saw Rada leading a group of soldiers out of battle—victorious. _Content Not Found: rada commented that Vincze must have been seeing the past—specifically, his grandfather’s past. Indeed, he remarked, by all accounts, he closely resembles his late grandfather. He seemed impressed by Vincze’s gifts, and talked with her at length about his grandfather and his adventures with The Swordlords.

Vision 5
Vincze‘s conversation with Nettle’s corpse in Episode 13 left her shaking with fear. During the encounter at Nettle’s Crossing, the diviner experienced a vivid vision of Nettle’s grisly drowning death. The undead creature rattled her with terrible fear that left her shaking in her knee-high leather boots.

Since then, Vincze’s sleep has been plagued with nightmares—specifically, a recurring nightmare where she is immersed in water, drowning, watching flickering lights on the shore. It seems that she may be re-living the final moments of Nettle’s life. These visions are unlike any others she has experienced—she usually receives hopeful visions of the future. The nature of these visions, and their recurrence, seems to indicate that they are being forced upon her by some malevolent entity—did Nettle curse her? And do they have anything to do with the undead creatures which are suddenly haunting Oleg’s Trading Post? She must get to the bottom of this; she must try and have this curse removed, if possible…

Vision 6
Vincze’s most clear vision in many months occurred the night after the fall of the vile Ghoul Queen. Vincze was using her spirit board in an attempt to elucidate the source of her recent, recurring nightmares. To hear her tell it, it was a powerful moment of divine intervention:

“I entered a trance and saw an angel come down unto me. This angel touched the spirit-board pointer and I found myself transported into the past, to Nettle’s Crossing, where I witnessed, first-hand, Davick Nettle’s gruesome drowning death at the hands of the evil Stag Lord. Then, the angel pointed me towards the settlement we now know as Epitaph, where I watched the Stag Lord’s bandits violently murder Khrystos’ tribe. The angel then brought us forward in time to the present day, to my own native country of Taldor. The reason I left Taldor (just over a year ago) was that our benevolent King was murdered, and his throne was taken by an evil dictator. The dictator murdered my own mother, the oracle known as Vincze The Elder, and I was forced to flee Taldor under cover of night. The angel showed me what has happened in Taldor since I departed: my country has fallen into darkness. Its crops suffer plagues and its rivers run red with blood. The angel told me that the Greenbelt will suffer the same fate… unless we vanquish the Stag Lord and his minions.

The spirits have spoken. A new age is dawning. We must embrace our destiny."

Vision 7: The Harrow Deck speaks

On the morning of the day the Greenbelt Defenders were preparing to assault the Stag Lord’s fort, Vincze performed a Harrow reading. This is what she found:

Representing the past: The Dance card, in a perfect match! Interpretation: the stars had all aligned to bring the Defenders to this place. Destiny was on their side.

Representing the present: The Survivor card, representing Khrystos and his need for revenge against the Stag Lord.

Representing the future: The Hidden Truth card, misaligned. This represented a secret that would be revealed as a direct result of the Defenders’ assault… but, it will be a truth that the group would regret…!

What was in store for our heroes??

Vision 8: The Hidden Hand

“Your fingers must walk softly through the Harrow deck,” her mother had taught her. “Careful where you touch the cards,” she had said.

Tonight’s ‘harrowing’ was especially complicated, for Vincze was intent on pulling back the long nets of white that clouded the Greenbelt’s political destiny. Just what did the Fates have in store for these Stolen Lands, now that the Stag Lord’s grip on them had been broken?

Vincze chose “Charisma” as the appropriate suit for ‘THE CHOOSING’—i.e., the initial round where she and her friends each chose one card each. After all, Charisma is the sphere of influence that includes Family; Love; and Politics.

As it turns out, however, none of the Charisma cards chosen by Tad, Khrystos, Vincze or Jane were included in the Spread tonight.


ABOVE PICTURE: The left-most column represents the PAST. The Eclipse card (lower left) is what is known as a “True Match” in the Harrow, and thus begs for interpretation. The Eclipse represents lost purpose combined with self-doubt. The Unicorn (upper left) is a Partial Match; its interpretation is slightly less clear: a prized fruit is offered for the taking. “Tread lightly through these Stolen Lands,” Vincze channeled, “for old dreams lead the way. Underfoot are the visions lost, sleeping but not yet dead.” Vincze nodded confidently as she explained to the other Greenbelt Defenders that these cards represent the many failed Greenbelt exploration and colonization attempts of the past. These lands were a forbidden fruit—which beckoned to many people then, as they still beckon today.

ABOVE PICTURE: The central column represents the PRESENT. Unfortunately, there are NO Matches in the particular placement of these cards. The Brass Dwarf stands impervious to the danger around him (“is it Tad?” Vincze wonders to herself); the Demon’s Lantern lured an unfortunate man (“the Stag Lord?”) into an intractable situation; the Inquisitor points towards the only way forward (“the one path that led us to confront the Stag Lord?”). Unfortunately, none of these cards can be explained with any certainty. The Present, it appears, is very cloudy… The Hidden Hand that dealt these three cards was not precise…

ABOVE PICTURE: The right-most column represents the FUTURE. Vincze’s eyes widened as she turned these last three cards over, revealing two Partial Matches: the Keep, and the Joke. The Keep symbolizes standing firm when necessary, but being flexible as well. The Joke shows a terror that must be overcome—but not by physical means. Might these cards mean that there are OBSTACLES in the Greenbelt’s political future which are not at all what they seem? These cards, Vincze said aloud, indicate that the Defenders must be exceedingly clever moving forward. “We must embrace the mysteries of the Greenbelt,” she exclaimed. “We must be firm, yet gentle; shrewd, but innocent; heartless, yet we must also have a heart.” She continued: “Fighting fire with fire may not always be the answer. If we are to shape the future of the Greenbelt, we must look for the less obvious answer.”

Perhaps this message was related to that of Vincze’s previous Harrowing, performed on the morning of the Stag Lord’s defeat. In that Harrowing, the Future contained a Hidden Truth card ominously placed in an Opposite Match position. This strongly suggested that the defeat of the Stag Lord opened a door which may have been better left closed… a secret better left alone… “What is the Hidden Hand telling us?” Vincze wondered.

Vincze's Visions

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