Taken in by Tad as a kitten, Aggie is... a little off...


Agamemnon, or ‘Aggie’ as he’s been nicknamed, is a brown, tiger-striped kitten taken in by Tad shortly after he and the others liberated Oleg’s Trading Post from the harassment of local bandits. Tad, envious of the others’ close kinship with their animal companions, lured in Aggie with scraps of meat and a little assistance from Janekfan, employing her affinity with animals.

As he’s grown, Agamemnon has developed some unusual features, including a white starburst patch of fur near the top of his chest, as well as piercing, rainbow-hued eyes that almost seem to glow in the dark of night. He seems to be highly intelligent, and some might even suggest that he’s more than he seems. Tad, however, asserts that he’s a perfectly normal cat, and anyone who suggests otherwise can go jump in the middens.


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